Geil Elementary

Our 1st ever Lunch & Listen with Mrs. Morris was today with Mrs. Thompson's 5th grade class.  Mrs. Morris had a few questions to ask the 5th graders to get the conversation started.  The discussions were very good for both Mrs. Morris and all the 5th grade students.  Thanks again 5th graders for your honest conversation and feedback!  Can't wait to do it again!

1. What do you think about our New Reading Program?

  • New computer learning games to explore
  • Poetry section is fun
  • Engaging
  • Learning about early Civilizations is interesting
  • Ties into Social Studies  

2. What are some challenges of 5th grade?

  • Math is challenging-remembering multiple concepts within a unit
  • Being the "Top Dogs" and having all the younger grades look up to us
  • Staying on track when studying

3. What questions or concerns do you have about moving to the JH? 

  • How much homework we will have
  • Getting from my locker to class on time
  • Knowing my schedule so I go to the right class on the right day
  • Locker combination
  • Remembering to charge my chromebook at home so it is ready each day for class
  • Feeling Safe/Mean kids