Bulldog Families,

We were alerted by the Nebraska Information Analysis Center today of a national social media trend of individuals posting they “heard rumors” of planned violence taking place at schools across the nation on Friday, December 17. Here in Gering, neither law enforcement nor school officials have seen any specific reports targeting our schools. Gering Public Schools continues to work closely with local law enforcement who will monitor and fully investigate any reports or concerns.

As always, we encourage everyone to report anything concerning to the district’s safety tip line or contact the Gering Police Department.  

All comments made regarding school violence are taken seriously, even those made “as a joke”. Each report is investigated fully and students can face school and legal consequences for making threatening comments or statements online or in person.

We understand that this heightened awareness of threats can cause additional stress and anxiety. Please know we are here to support you, and we have well-trained School Resource Officers working alongside the GPS team to provide a safe learning environment. 

The safety of the students and staff is a top priority at Gering Public Schools. Thank you for partnering with us to keep our school community safe.


Dr. Nicole Regan, Superintendent