Health Services

The health services program is dedicated to helping each student attend school in optimal health and to benefit from the school experience.

School nurses are available in every building with students to enable the achievement of this goal. The role of the school nurse is to implement school health services including acute, chronic, episodic, and emergency care, as well as health education, health counseling, and advocacy for student with disabilities (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2001: American Heart Association, 2004). Physical health, mental health, and safety of children and youth are directly related to student achievement. The increasing incidence of chronic disease, behavior disorders and learning disabilities in the typical classroom has complicated the job of protecting and providing for students' health care needs during the school day ( American Nurses Association, 2007). School nurses support student success by providing direct care; by providing a central management role for coordinated services to appraise, protect, and promote student health; and by fostering the inclusion of students with special health care needs. School nurses contribute significantly to the development of collaborations between school and community health resources and services to benefit children and families (Centers for Disease Control/SHPPS, 2007).

Parents are encouraged to contact the school nurse in their child's building when questions or concerns arise related to their child's health or safety at school.

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