Gering Public Schools are dedicated to every student!

When we say "Every Student" we mean each and every student we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach in our schools and programs.


Our services begin as early as birth for some students, with the Early Childhood Program.  For some children, our GPS preschool classes at the Preschool Center are the first step on the educational path.


For many, kindergarten at one of our 4 elementary schools is where the journey begins. We also have a middle school and Gering High School.


For some students, transportation to and from school is a concern. We offer busing services to meet those needs.

We also recognize we have students across the spectrum of learning and at different developmental stages.

We high ability learner programs at all levels, and Dual Credit classes at Gering High School.

We have special education programs, with highly trained and dedicated staff to provide each student with the needed resources to succeed.


For students that do not best learn in a traditional classroom, we have opportunities for staying connected to school with the VALTS and GAP programs.

For students with severe disabilities, we offer Community Based Instruction and our Transitional Learning Program, potentially helping our students until age 21.

For students who have behavior problems in elementary school, we offer services with DAWGS to continue working toward a diploma.


At Gering Public Schools, our quality staff is constantly undergoing professional development to extend their abilities to reach and teach all students and offer the best possible education. We take pride in the opportunities and connections we give the families of Gering.

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