Gering High School

Academic All-State


The Lincoln Journal Star honors the 2018-19 recipients


Student-athletes who are juniors or seniors can be nominated by their coach or another representative of their high school. Nominees, however, must carry a cumulative grade-point average of 3.6 or better on a 4.0 scale and be a varsity starter. Among non-starters, one individual who contributes significantly to his or her varsity team could also be nominated.


The Journal Star staff evaluated each nomination, weighing factors relating to both athletic and academic achievement. Therefore, it is possible for a nominated student-athlete to qualify for Academic All-State in one sport but not another.

KEY: Base-baseball, BBB-boys basketball, GBB-girls basketball, BXC-boys cross country, GXCgirls cross country, FB-football, BGo-boys golf, GGo-girls golf, BSo-boys soccer, GSo-girls soccer, SB-softball, BSw-Boys swimming, GSw-girls swimming, BTe-boys tennis, GTe-girls tennis, BTF-boys track, GTF-girls track, UBowl-Unified bowling, VB-volleyball, WR-wrestling.


GTF GBB VB   Jenna Balthazor Sr. 3.6

GSw   Alanna Becker Jr. 3.9

GTF   Kaitlin Bohlman Jr. 4.0

GTF GBB   Kelsey Bohnsack Jr. 4.0

GGo   Alexandria Boswell Jr. 3.9

BTF WR   Logan Buhr Sr. 3.9

GTe   Martika Campbell Jr. 3.9

GXC GTF   Emma Fogle Jr. 3.9

BGo FB BBB   Thomas Ganos Sr. 3.8

BXC   Riley Gaudreault Jr. 3.8

VB   Emily Harrison Jr. 4.0

GSo   Kiana Island Jr. 3.9

BTe   Mark Karpf Jr. 3.8

GTe Y  adbir Kaur Jr. 4.0

GGo   Kelsey Le Jr. 3.7

BGo BBB   Noah Longoria Jr. 3.9

GSo   Allison Maschmeier Jr. 4.0

GGo   Megan Maser Sr. 4.0

GSo GGo   Avery Mitchell Jr. 4.0

BXC BTF   Logan Moravec Sr. 4.0

BTe   Brock Parker Sr. 4.0

GXC   GSo Tukker Romey Jr. 4.0

VB   GBB Olivia Schaub Sr. 3.8

BBB Riley Schilz Sr. 3.9

VB GTe Zoee Smith Jr. 4.0

GTF Janet Spengler Sr. 3.8

GXC Morgan VanAnne Jr. 3.9

GTF Alannah Ventura Jr. 4.0

VB Lauren Whaley Sr. 4.0

VB GTF Elli Winkler Jr. 4.0

GSw Stephanie Woolsey Jr. 3.9

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