Substitute applications are currently being accepted. 
Visit our job listings portal to apply today!  

We are seeking qualified candidates to serve as substitutes in all areas - Teachers, Nurses, and Paraprofessionals!  Our on-call system SmartFind Express provides substitutes with the flexibility to accept / decline job assignments as personal schedules permit from the convenience of their computer or phone.  

If you are new to substituting, please review the following information closely as applying for the wrong position can delay the hiring process.  Human Resources will conduct a criminal background check, and will determine suitability to substitute teach based upon all of the information.   

All veteran substitutes may skip to the 'About The Process' segment below.  

WHAT IS A PARAPROFESSIONAL?  We staff individuals from a wide array of backgrounds to serve as substitute paras.  Anyone with a passion for supporting our classroom teachers and / or the building secretaries would enjoy this opportunity!  Qualified candidates must possess a high school degree, and be committed to dependability when accepting a 6-hour / day job assignment as our paras are truly a key to success at every building!  

SUBSTITUTE NURSES:  If you have experience as a certified LPN or RN, Gering Public Schools would be interested in visiting with you about an opportunity to serve our staff and students as a substitute!  

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS:  Carefully review the requirements provided below to ensure qualification, and for a direct link to the Nebraska Department of Education's website where you may obtain licensure if needed.    

  • Local Substitute Teachers are individuals who have successfully completed 60 credit hours of college coursework and have (or are in the process of getting) a Nebraska Local Substitute Permit.  This level of certification also allows for a student teacher to sub for their cooperating teacher when absent.  A Local Substitute Teaching Permit is valid for three (3) years, and is limited to ninety (90) days of teaching during the school year.  For additional information or to apply for a permit, visit the Nebraska Department of Education's website  HERE.  

  • Certified Substitute Teachers are individuals who hold a bachelor degree or high in education (or will be graduating soon) and have (or in the process of getting) a Nebraska teaching certificate.  Some teaching certificate examples are: Professional, Standard, Initial, and State Substitute. A State Substitute Teaching Permit is valid for five (5) years, and authorizes teaching in any subject at any level with unlimited number instructional days.  For additional information or to apply for licensure in Nebraska, please visit the Department of Education's website  HERE.   

The state does require all candidates to meet a Human Relations Training requirement which entails a class related to education, school or children.  Approved classes can be found HERE or on the NDE website.  

About the process:

The Gering Public Schools application contains several pages, and will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete on your initial visit.  You will have a chance to review, and make changes before submitting.  It is important to note that until the application is submitted, Gering Public Schools will not have visibility of any "in progress" information.   

Step 1:  Gering Public School's Requirements (All Applicants) 

  1. Submit an online application which can be found HERE.  

  2. After completing your online application, review the "Substitute Orientation Packet" prior to your onboard appointment (Step 3).  These and other resources may be found HERE.  

*NOTE:  Human Resources will conduct a criminal background check, and will determine suitability to substitute teach based upon all of the information.  If accepted, Human Resources will then email a Superintendent's letter to the Nebraska Department of Education to approve a Local Substitute Teaching Permit, when applicable.  

Step 2:  Nebraska Department of Education Requirements (For Local Substitute Teachers Only)

  1. When applicable, complete the Nebraska Department of Education's local substitute teaching permit application and submit the non-refundable application fee ($55) online at  Provide the email address you check most often.  

  2. Complete the residences in Nebraska form for the immediate past 5 years on the online application listing all Nebraska residences in order - OR - If you have lived out-of-state during the designated time period, complete two fingerprint cards provided by the Teacher Certification office with the non-refundable fingerprint processing fee ($50).  

  3. Submit an official college transcript which reflects completion of the required coursework (60 credit hours, degree not required!) as determined by the Nebraska Department of Education. 

Step 3:  Onboard With GPS 



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