Strategic Plan

Gering Public Schools

Strategic Goals & Action Plans


  • By 2021, Gering Public Schools will leverage community partnerships in order to improve sustainability and promote innovation to be a progressive leader in education within our region and state.

Rationale:  In order to have the most positive impact on student outcomes, schools and communities must work together through a collaborative and comprehensive approach.  Community partners help schools prepare students for college, career, and citizenship by offering additional opportunities, supports, and enrichment for students. 

  • By 2024, all three and four year-olds in Gering will have access to quality early childhood education with 50% enrolled in the Gering Schools District program.

Rationale:  More than 150 high-quality, scientific studies worldwide demonstrate that starting early can have major short- and long-term effects on cognitive and social-emotional development.  Early learning has been linked to progress in school, increased earnings, and reductions in antisocial behavior, welfare participation, and trouble with law enforcement. 

  • By 2021, Gering Public Schools will be equipped with a blueprint for prioritizing facility needs so as to remain consistently competitive academically and in activities.

Rationale:  Schools and communities have a shared responsibility to ensure that safe, healthy, and modern school facilities are available that can support innovative teaching and personalization. Facilities are a crucial component to closing the achievement gap, increasing academic achievement and graduation rates, ensuring that all students have access to effective teachers, and maintaining and growing student enrollments.  

  • By 2024, all grade levels and content areas will have a clear and concise grading and reporting system based on best practices.

Rationale:  Grades can provide important information for students, parents, teachers, and others, however, to be useful grades must be meaningful, accurate, consistent, and supportive of learning.  



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