Why do we include early release days in our school calendar?


Each Wednesday for elementary schools and once monthly for the junior high and high school, students are released from school early.  We wanted to provide some background information on why this practice has become such an integral part of instructional planning and teacher training, not only in Gering but across the state.

The tightly structured school day has always presented a challenge for teachers to plan and work together by grade level and subject area on a regular basis.  This is particularly true of the elementary school schedule as the teacher is with the class nearly the entire day with the exception of a short time for specials.  At the secondary level, teachers struggle to find common time as most do not have common plan times in their schedules.  

Through the scheduling of early release days, teachers are provided the opportunity for common work time with colleagues to collaborate, plan the individualized lessons that meet the needs of all students and analyze test results in order to improve the way we present curriculum to students.  In addition, teachers are given opportunities to share ideas and resources across grade levels and buildings to improve learning across the district.  The most beneficial result of the common learning team time is a change from a focus on how we teach to how students learn.  The results of these discussions are beneficial to both students and teachers.  This early release time is a wonderful investment in the success of the students of Gering!

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