District Policies

The Board of Education adopts distinctly demarcated written policies and rules to drive the procedures of the school district.  These policies are revised and acted upon at the Board of Education meetings.  Through policies and rules, the Board of Education strengthens and links its emphasis on student learning and delineates the boundaries and guidelines governing all facets of the District's functions.

The policies and directives of Gering Public Schools are set forth herein and are for educational and communication functions only.  The official text of the Gering Public School's Board of Education Policies is on file at the Central Office Administration Building, Superintendent's Office, 1519 10th Street, Gering, Nebraska.

The Gering Public School District makes operative efforts to provide accurate information on this website. However, inadvertence or errors may surface.  Any inconsistency between the information set forth on this website, and the official text of the Board Policies shall be determined in favor of the official text.  The official text of Board Policies may be reviewed at the Central Office during normal business hours.  Copies of the Board Policies or sections thereof, are obtainable upon request from the Central Office for a reasonable photocopying charge.

Policy Menu:

Section 100 - District Organization and Basic Commitments
Section 200 - School Board
Section 300 - Administration
Section 400 - Personnel
Section 500 - Students
Section 600 - Instruction
Section 700 - Business Operation
Section 800 - Support Services
Section 900 - Buildings and Sites
Section 1000 - Community and Educational Agency Relations



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